Copyright and request to remove Copyright content

Youtubemp3.press respects the intellectual property rights of individuals, and we stringently advise our users to obey the copyright law and comply with our policy on copyright.

Youtubemp3.press does not allow any type of activities, that are subject to copyright infringement, on its platform and immediately terminates any copyrighted content from being downloaded or converted using its platform once disclosed.

Youtubemp3.press services continuously keep on tracking to diminish the chances of copyright infringing activities on its platform by arduously searching out for such material and preventing the conversion of commercial copyrighted content.

Before using any content, users are bound to check and obey all the rights concerning the content. In case of any activities causing copyright infringement, users will be responsible for the violation of copyright act.

In case you are a copyright owner and you find any content that may be causing copyright infringement and want Youtubemp3.press platform to stop conversion of your publicly applicable contents, kindly send a request to us to notify us of such content. You can send us an email along with the below-mentioned information and we will remove the content from the platform.

Email: [email protected]

  • While sending email, please include the URL of the content that you want us to suspend. If you have more than one links, do include them also.
  • Please provide us with an electronic or physical evidence regarding the ownership of copyright on the content(s).
  • Include specific description of the activities that are allegedly being infringed.
  • Your complete contact information using which we can contact you, like telephone number, an address, a valid e-mail address, etc.